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Atwood Memorial Day service cancelled

Due to the Corona Virus, the Atwood Cemetery will not hold their regular Memorial Day service. However someone will be at the cemetery collecting money for the upkeep during the holiday weekend, May 22 to 24 . Donations can also be made at the First National Bank and The First United Bank in Holdenville. Your support is needed and appreciated..

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One Mother’s Odyssey

The good news is the Board of Deacons has voted to bend the rules (or tradition, or whatever) and consent to your joining First Baptist Church, Wetumka—and not only that, you will not need to get re-baptized! Apparently, in your favor is the fact the divorce was not initiated by you, but by a cheating, beer-swilling spouse. (Apparently, pleading your case thusly was the right choice— you must’ve nabbed the sympathy vote by a landslide! Which in this case is fine by you.)

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Moss to graduate eight seniors

Ashlynn Thompson Valedictorian

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Around John Bill Martin

It’s obvious I have absolutely too much time on my hands.

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One Pharmacist’s View

At my age I’ve seen a lot of things happen. One of the things happened 40 years ago. Mount St. Helen erupted. Wow! What a mess that was but I would not be surprised if more than a few have no knowledge of it. It really impressed me. Dumping ash all over the USA—even here in Oklahoma. It was unforgettable. Well almost. Now we have COVID-19. Easy to spell and affecting us all.

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Our Ancestors Would Be Amazed At Our Cowardly Coronavirus Hysteria

The Venerable Bede and his contemporaries knew there are things worse than physical death, which is why their fear in the midst of epidemics was not paralyzing.

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Shannon Brasher graduates from OSU with honors

Shannon Brasher attended Wetumka schools for a few years and then moved to Owasso where she graduated high school. Shannon was a cheerleader while Wetumka Jr. Hi and excelled as a student while in Wetumka. She is the daughter of Sherri (Bishop) McKibbin and Andrew Brasher, granddaughter of Bert and Brixie Bishop. Shannon has several family members and friends living in and around Wetumka and Holdenville.

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