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won the Runner-Up trophy at the 2018 Hartshorne Elementary Tournament. Back Row Left to Right: Jentry Shirley, Zoey Darnell, Emma Ridenour, Naomi Gillinger, Natalie Chavarria, Brianna Villanueva, Genna Haney (3rd

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Manners matter

......and we are very proud of these Moss students who were recognized for their good manners recently.: Front Row: Gideon Twomey, Brody Foster, Eyran Gutierrez, Maci Wallace. Back Row: Raylee

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Service Friday for Barbara Ann “Barbie” Hoover

Barbara Ann “Barbie” Hoover passed away Monday, October 29th, 2018 at Holdenville General Hospital at the age of 55. Barbara was born October 2, 1963 in Holden-ville, Oklahoma to Billy

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Remember the Carrell family and their Hughes County roots

Awhile back I received a copy of the book “The Carrell Ten.” The Carrell Ten is a compilation of remembrances and experiences of a family of ten children growing up

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Hiram and Mary DeWitt’s Descendents Gather for Reunion

Three out of eleven children of Hiram Martin and Mary Melissa (Gann) DeWitt’s children were at Holdenville Lake for their annual Labor Day Reunion: Birdie Castoe’s family, Columbus Edward De-Witt’s

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Holdenville designated “A Purple Heart City”

Holdenville has been approved and designated as “A Purple Heart City”. In conjunction with that designation a large “VETERAN’S DAY IN THE PARK” will take place at the Holdenville City

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